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Congratulations to the Himalayan Football team

Congratulations to the Himalayan Football team for their outstanding performance in winning the Bellahøj Classic Futsal Tournament 2nd time in a row. We are proud of this achievement. This is a remarkable accomplishment that highlights our team’s consistency and it is...

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About Himalayan Sport Club – About Us

by | Mar 22, 2016

Himalayan Sports Club established in 2009 A.D. and registered as a Frivilligorganisation in Copenhagen Kommune. Our main sport activities are cricket, football, basketball, volleyball and badminton. We aim to create sporting interest in diverse sporting activities for various age groups.
The Himalayan Club also concentrates on the kids physical and sports activities. In the sports division listed above, our senior players have been practising themselves and playing locally.

In addition, we are playing numerous cricket division matches and T20 matches in Denmark arranged by Dansk Cricket Forbund. We have various energetic young players from the field of South Asia and from other nations.Eventhough our Club is new we have been able to get recognization among Danish cricket clubs. We always receive goodwill and support from different communities such as Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Sri Lankan, Chinese also and we are getting more popular day by day.

In cricket Currently we are playing Danish division league Since 2016. We started our division matches from the 4th division through Dansk Cricket Forbund. We are aiming to get promoted into first divisions and higher level crickets in Denmark.
Now, we are organizing cricket training for 2nd generations. Our main aim for this training session is to make our players’ future national player. We welcome all, Basically focusing more on South Asian community kids.

In football, we played different Neplease tournaments in Denmark and various tournaments in aboard also. We won most of the tournaments in the Denmark and winner and runner up in the 2nd 7’A‘ side Futsal tournament also. We are the practicing every week and we always welcome for new players. For new players we provide trainings, training places and training kids (except personal items)

In order to implement these plans we have been receiving mutual support from communities, however in term of finance we are lacking behind. We are eagerly looking forward to get support and positive feedback from all of our well wishers. So many immigrants from different countries are in relation to our organisation, so hopefully this is also an opportunity to build goodwill among them. Definitely in regard to this we Can support each other. So hopefully this is also a opportunity to Exchange social and cultural beliefs and help to integrate each others. Definitely in regard to this we Can support each other. We are expecting to receive more support from our lovely supporters to strengthen our Club activities and players development plan etc.

Any interested can visit on Himalayan sports Clubs official web page ‪www.himalayansc.dk and ‬Himalayan sports Club Facebook page
For football you can contact ‪28739339‬
For Cricket you can contact on ‪42337001‬

Our main aim

– To promote sport and physical activity to the residents of Copenhagen and surrounding areas, in particular to those living in the most deprived areas.
– To ensure that adequate opportunities exist for the development of people in both their sport and social circumstances.
– To engage and encourage 2nd generation school kids in sports activities
– Club focusing on sociability and competitive sports
– To raise awareness of sporting and leisure facilities and achievements
– To encourage local people to join clubs and take regular exercise
– To consider available grants to further enhance the standing of sport and leisure in Copenhagen and the surrounding.

How we are going to achieve

– Being inclusive and open to all sports and leisure groups and individuals
– Ensuring that everyone works together for the common good of sport and fitness
– Lobbying for improved facilities where needed
– Working together with local organisations and charities to enhance the standing and awareness of the benefits of sport and exercise.
– Learning from the experiences of others
– To offer coaching sessions in various sports/recreational activities.
– To improve the health and well being of participants.
– To establish junior and senior teams.
– To increase the number of qualified coaches.
– To increase the number of umpires/officials/administrators.
– To help empower members to improve their personal/social skills.
– To contribute to a cohesive society.



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