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Congratulations to the Himalayan Football team

Congratulations to the Himalayan Football team for their outstanding performance in winning the Bellahøj Classic Futsal Tournament 2nd time in a row. We are proud of this achievement. This is a remarkable accomplishment that highlights our team’s consistency and it is...

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Himalayan Night Music Festival of Togetherness

Dear club members and supporters, We are delighted to invite you to our upcoming event of togetherness on April 9th. This event will focus on the theme of togetherness and will feature live music and dance performances, along with other exciting activities.  By...

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Thank you all for your participation and coordination for the grand success of the our Musical Night Festival.

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Dear all,

We would like to take a moment to express our sincere gratitude to all those who attended the Himalayan Night Music Festival of Togetherness on April 9th. It was a truly joyous occasion that embodied the spirit of togetherness and community.

The event featured an exceptional lineup of talented artists who delivered captivating performances throughout the evening. The children from Ringsted Dance Program were a highlight, performing a beautiful dance to the song “Chaubandi ma patuki”, with thanks to Shintiya for choreography. Thanks to Rajman Tamanag, Manish Limbu, Sworupa KC, Kavya Achrya and Ashish Tamanag who graced us with their beautiful voices, while Samikshya Karki, Prisha Khadka, Zeina Neupane, Sanskar Basnet and Khusi & Kristi Gurung delighted us with their smooth dance steps. Local politician and one of the active members of the Nepali community and people representative at Copenhagen Kommune Hari Neupane delighted us with traditional Nepali lok geet with his beautiful voice along with the praise of togetherness in our community. The Lockdown Band kept the audience singing with them with their captivating music & line of popular songs, Jeewan Bhattrai added to the festive atmosphere with his rap while DJ Jordison rocked the floor attracting all the audience to the dance floor.

We would like to extend our gratitude all the members of the Lockdown Band and all the artists for their wonderful performances and also would like to thank our hosts, Bhawana and Shrijana, who ensured that the program ran smoothly.

We hope that you enjoyed the performances as much as we did and that the event created a memorable experience for all who attended.

We are immensely grateful to all those who supported the event and contributed to the Himalayan Sports Club’s ongoing efforts to promote sports and togetherness. Your generosity and contributions will go a long way in helping us achieve our mission and make a positive impact.

We would like to extend a special thank you to those who made additional donations as listed below: 

Name Amount
Niraj Parsai 1000
Rabindra Khadka 501
Mahesh Khatri 501
Ishan Mansingh Adhikari 501
Hari Neupane 501
Nepal Music Festival 500
Arpan Team 500
Navin Achrya 500
Creative Women 500
Arjun Acharya 500
**************** 500
Dipak Raj Rijal 300
Ramesh Adhikari 300
Dipendra Chudal 251
Kamal Raj Sharma 251
Sanu Bhai 201
Chandra Kunwar 201
Mahendra Khadka 201
Buddhi Sapkota 200
Khem B. Adhikari 200
Chandramani Paudyal 200
Bibek & Rajbangs 200
Pawn Pandey 101
Yogesh Bhattrai 101
Jay Neupane 101
Govinda Kadel 101
RK Sapkota 100
Ram Chandra Pathak 100
Dhurba Ghimire 100
Sashi Shrestha 51
Bikash Mainali 51
Pradip KC 51
Bikal KC 51
Subash Joshi 50
Giri Kadel 50
Anuj Adhikari 50
Shyam Subedi 50
RCL Lamichane 50
Suresh Chantyal 50
Krishna Subedi 50
Helena 50

Once again, we thank you for your attendance and support. Your contributions have made a significant difference, and we are deeply grateful. We look forward to seeing you again soon at our upcoming events.


Warm regards,

Himalayan Sports Club



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